Growth Philanthropy Network

Growth Philanthropy Network

Evidence-based, high-performing nonprofit organizations and initiatives rarely spread widely from their originating sites to other communities or achieve scaled impact. To address this problem, the Growth Philanthropy Network (GPN) is creating a philanthropic capital marketplace that provides funding and management assistance to help exceptional nonprofits scale-up regionally and nationally.

GPN's work is built on a belief that broad distribution of proven social solutions will result in large-scale improvements in the lives of millions of individuals. To achieve this goal requires a well-organized, enduring system of expansion financing and support, a system that can fundamentally transform the way growth capital is raised and applied in the nonprofit sector.

However, to create a robust capital market that reliably supports scaling of top social programs, GPN will need the involvement of pioneers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and seasoned philanthropy professionals. Only by working together can we succeed. In this spirit, we invite all of you who are interested in scaling the impact of effective programs, and in helping to promote a growth capital marketplace to contact us for information about how you can participate.

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